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With the production of second phase of the Guangdong Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station, China’s power installed capacity exceeded 900 million kilowatts, Marked China’s power industry has upgraded to a new level. In the beginning of founding of New China, China’s power installed capacity was 1.85 million kilowatts, in 1987 exceeded 1 million kilowatts. From […]


I wrote a article in last days: Keynesian is dead? ,  in which I wrote a error number:”the price eggs rise up 70% in recent 4 months”,  this is a input issue , (3.96-2.77)/2.77 = 0.4 , but  I had to say, in recent months, the price of these goods which is very important for […]

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250px-1918_flu_outbreak2 16,July, WHO said "Changes in reporting requirements for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus infection" The reason is "The 2009 influenza pandemic has spread internationally with unprecedented speed", so "The increasing number of cases in many countries with sustained community

China Macro-Economy

I read news that said maybe a smart guy will tell us a new “rescue” plan — QE3. I just not sure, does QE1 works? Does QE2 works? Will QE3 works? If no, why just shed money from a helicopter? Now we use so many huge machine to publish and shed so huge money, Dooooo~~~~~~~ooooes […]


This week, Europe’s debt crisis broken the confidence of the market again. I.M.F. said Europe’s Debt Crisis could spread, and some guys are talking the crisis will becomde a long term crisis. In USA, the debt broken the allowed limit again…, you should heared Gross had sale out these debt many months b4… In China, […]

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China trade

Since October, as “national dish” of South Korea -  kimchi’s raw materials cabbage prices appeared in a surge situation and arise “kimchi crisis”. In Seoul, a price of cabbage is sold for 15,000 won in the supermarket. In order to stabilize vegetable prices, the Korean government emergency imports duty-free  Chinese cabbage emergency from China. The […]


China has canceled the ban of suspending imports of Japan’s milk powder and other related products. China contact of Japan’s major manufacturers of milk powder said they still waiting to the message of the headquarters and then decided when to resume imports. Chinese authorities issued a notice, the notice said China cancel the ban on […]

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