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Chinese output face slowdown

Today the biggest city in economy area–ShangHai, be reported the foreign trade slowdown 3.6 percentage points from a year ago.The newest number of outport expanded is 23%,But as we all know,Chinese YUAN is depreciated with US.Dollar and Chinese YUAN is depreciated face internal price system.So actually,the number of slowdown is not only 3.6%. Yesterday I […]

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Global financial crisis and china

Today,a famous banker said:”China’s economy is robust enough and has enough capacity to cope with the world financial crisis“. Acctually,I do not think so.As we all know that More then 60% of GDP is based on output and foreign trade,and we all know many USA and eruo country drop down in global financial crisis,I had […]

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Trade volume down 5% at Yiwu int’l commodities fair

Trade volume at the Yiwu International Commodities Fair dropped by 4.9 percent than last year. The total trade volume reach 10.4 billion yuan , The foreign trade volume dropped by 3.2 percent to reach 949 million U.S. dollars. The current global financial crisis caused the credit market crisis, the United States and Europeean consumers spending […]

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China,coal output slide down

With the financial crisis and the price of Oil dive over,Chinese coal output contine slow on.The raw coal ‘s output is only 2,290,000,000 Tonnes now,and because many chinese company is closed,the request from china is slide down too,This year’s GDP of China maybe just 9.9 point,so china coal industry will face a persistent crisis. Ofcause,this […]

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Chinese stock market,dive over again

One hour before,chinese stock market dive over again, SHANGHAI share index plunged 6.32 percent on Monday,I had report dive over in last thursday,since that day china goverment had take action to suppoer the weak market,for example reduce the tax of stock market,and I know some trader told metheir manger said only can buy shares now,do’t […]

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China’s banking sector seems not been beat by sub-loan crisis

Today,The biggest bank ICBC(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) reporeted his nine-month profit get 46% rise(13.54 billion U.S. dollars),It means ICBC earnings increase about 0.04$ per share.It seems china’s bank sector not been beat from global financial crisis,and I know agriculture Bank of China are still prepareing for list,So chinese bank not like korea and […]

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dive over,dive over

Today it the weekend,although goverment had publish many policy to support the weak confidence of market,but stock in big CHINA area is still slide,lately we always hear many chinese people said 2000 lose,1900 lose,no we face 1800 losing,china mainland market is closed at 1839,the highest point is 1888.10,hongkong stock fall down 1100 potins,closed at 12618 […]

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Taiwan stocks slide 1.62%,close at 4,862

Today Taiwan stocks slide 1.62%,close at 4,862.Since new leader of taiwan take up an official post,twaiwan stocks fall from 9,000 to 4,862,But most of chinese think it is not the new leader–Mr Ma’s fault.Acutally,Because last leader refuse increse the trade amount of china and taiwan,many foreign capital had to leave taiwan ,and taiwan lose the […]

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China:stock price plummeted 2.63% in morning session

Today chinese stock market continue fall trend,although china government announces some new policy,including tax exemption and mortgage deposits reduction for boost the real estate sector,and reduce the tax of exports sector,but because fear of the global financial crisis and bad data of company income,many people sale out their share. At the same time,I found some […]

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China and USA leader talk how to tackle global financial crisis

Yesterday,President Hu Jing Tao call to President Bush,talk about how to tackle global financial crisis,they all have cognizeance of international cooperation is necessary. Lately,many papers said CHINA must buy more nation debt,CHINA must contribute his money to specical country.But,I had to say,CHINA have his trouble too.Close to 2008 3Q,The amount of foreign trade in CHINA […]

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