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China:economic development faces challenges

At this weekend,leader of China government meeting for discuss how to face economic crisis,leaders said:”economic development faces challenges”. Recently,China use many kinds of way to keep economic development,including:Investing,reduce tax,reduce loan interest……,But many people thinking how can we let people begin buy more things? Next year,output department will faces challenges,so many goods had to sale out […]

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BIG NEWS:China central bank cuts interest rates–1.08 percentage point!

Just 2 hours agao,China central bank said from tomorrow,china central bank will cuts interest rates 1.08 percentage point! The lending and deposit rates will cut 1.08 percentage point all,I think this is a big signal shown china will try his best to keep spur growth,In china there have a little voice about if we invest […]

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China’s Money

Today “on capital” have a post said the leader of Japan suggest china give huge money to IMF and use money for Social Security,the author said these area will need huge money ,but china face many Short-term difficulties,for example:Unemployment,and Hundreds of millions of China’s population earn less than 2 U.S. dollars a day,and china need […]

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College gratuates face severe employment situation next year in China

There will be 20,000,000 loss of jobs all over the world by the end of next year.In China, a large-scale layoffs have not occurred, but for graduates from university next year, to look for a job has become increasingly difficult. According to statistics, there are 610 million national college graduates next year, while in previous […]

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China stock market face choose

This week,chinese stock market face a choose,Because China goverment said there will have a huge investe plan before 2010 year,china stock market begin a rise trend with big volum , but after ShangHai Index over 2000 point,there always have a 5%~7% up and down in day trader,many investor said their heart will broken,but they did […]

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Why global financial crisis happend

As we all know,global financial crisis broken many people’s life,I heard many single women living in USA had to sleep in their car now,the car is the last asset of them.Many people want to know : Why global financial crisis happend? There have a article talk about it:道德失衡=力量滥用=贪婪+放纵==金融危机=经济危机 which means “power lose control=greed=global financial crisis”,it […]

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Beijing property market: buy cold,rent hot

Shenzhen’s property market gradually warmer,but Beijing’s real estate market situation is still not clear, some people still wait-and-see macro news, some people think renting house are better than buying a house. Beijing residents: I do not have extra money, I will still have to wait and see about it. In addition to the new contract,the […]

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Pork decrease rapidly,the farmer face big loss

I recently heard that pork prices decreased rapidly.The farmer,Zuang xueque told reporters many farmers bought piglets at the price of 24 yuan RMB per KG, 3 months later, but pork prices decrease to only 12 yuan,farmer will face a big lose,maybe some of their company will close. I buy pork every week too,but I found […]

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China’s central bank:we will maintaining growth

Yesterday,governor of China’s central bank:Zhou Xiao Chuan said China will try our best to help stabilize the global finanical crisis by maintaining ourself growth of economy. I agree Mr Zhou’s words,the first goal of china in global finanical crisis is not let china drop in financial crisis,china have 1/6 people of the world,and china have […]

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China will sell aircraft to USA

Big news,China will seel aircraft to USA,It means china not only ouptput socks to USA market,but also sell high-technology products like plane to USA market now.The most importand things it the aircraft –ARJ21 is developed independently by China! I think there have not many people know that more than 60% china’s gdp is support by […]

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