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China’s industrial profit decline margin continues to shrink

22 national industrial profit reach 487.3 billion yuan,drop down 27.9% than same period last year from January to April this year, decline decreased 4.3 % than that of the first quarter.

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China electricity consumption in April dropped 3.63% year-on-year

China electricity consumption in April decline 3.63% year-on-year, and this data is 2.01% in March, the expanded drop. Experts point out that the reduction of industrial production electricity consumption that is more than 75% of total electricity consumption in the community is the main reason, Whether industrial growth continue to slow down will affect the […]

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Pig prices dropped by half in one year

At present, China’s live pig prices have dropped by more than 50% compared to the price of the peak, an official pointed out that the most fundamental reason is not the influenza epidemic, but overproduction. A few days ago, the number of live pigs exported from Changsha to Guangdong has decreased approximately 30% year-on-year. After […]

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China determine the minimum price of wheat for 6 main wheat producing province

According to media reports, china will implement the minimum price of wheat to Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Henan and Hubei province this year, White Wheat is 0.87 yuan every half a kilogram, Red wheat, mixed wheat Jin 0.83 yuan every half a kilogram respectively, increasing 0.1 yuan or 0.11 RMB compared with that of last year. […]

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China large-scale Internet failure

Today, a major area of internet failure happen in Jiangsu, Hebei, Shanxi, Guangxi, Zhejiang,China,the reason is that the domain name system of network was attacked, and the impact a number of dns servers, at current, problem has been resolved.

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China add to hold 23.7 billion U.S. dollars public debt in March

By the end of March, the Chinese holding U.S. government bonds 767,900,000,000 U.S. dollars, increased more than 23.7 billion U.S. dollars than that of February, stll be the top of the largest holders of U.S. public bonds, many chinese experts worry about the risk of depreciation of the dollar.

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Strange iron ore imports

This year, the Chinese steel industry production capacity exceeded demand, but China’s iron ore imports hit a record. Chinese traders all together funds only buy 3,000 tons of iron ore, but recently there are 5400 tons of iron ore import into China, many people in the world estimated that international ore giant make use of […]

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Domestic soybean industry chain is facing a serious decline

It is reported that the sale of domestic soybean led to large-scale production of oil processing enterprises, China’s soybean industry has been plunged into a crisis situation. in the global bad trading situation, a large amount of low-cost soybeans flow to China so that Chinese soybean imports monthly more than three million tons for consecutive […]

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“the production-limiting” on Iron and steel industry

According to ,China release a limited output policy for iron and steel industry, the intention is to cooling the output of iron and steel industry which re-“fever”. At present, China total iron and steel gross is significant excess, production capacity compared to domestic consumption and export is severe surplus, beyond 25-30% of the actual […]

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More than two billion tons coal field was found in Hami,Xinjiang

Exploration officers recently have a major breakthrough in Hami ,the eastern of Xinjiang region, proven coal seam thickness is more than 50 meters, the total of coal resources were proved to be more than two billion tons of large coal field, which is so far found the fourth largest coal field in Xinjiang.  

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