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China plan to subsidies for replacement of old car

It is reported,China’s Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance announced yesterday, plan to subsidies for the old car replacement new car , the main target is the upcoming retirement of old vehicles, subsidies would begin from June 1, 2009 end in May 31.2010 .

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China began to establish rural social endowment insurance system

Yesterday, China announced to establish new rural social endowment insurance system, which will maintain further social stability in rural areas, new rural social endowment insurance pilotin project will open 10% of the counties (cities, districts) in 2009 in China.

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China prevent illegal credit capital from flowing into the real estate market

China national newly loans reach as high as 5840 billion in former 5 months, creating a historical record.China’s financial regulatory authorities recently issued an urgent notice, to prevent the inflow of credit funds from flowing in real estate market. even though the global economy still in recession, but China’s housing prices has been rapidly rising […]

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China adjust export tariffs of some products

According to report,China adjust export tariffs of some products, eliminating tentative export tariff of wheat, rice, soybeans and other food products, as well as sulfuric acid, wire and so on on industrial products,  reduce tentative exports tariffs of the fine talcum powder heads, small and medium-sized steel, some fluoride chemicals, part of tungsten, molybdenum, indium […]

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China’s the world’s fastest-growing country of urban rail transit, more than 800 kilometers

China has become the world’s fastest-growing urban rail transit countries. In the end of last year, The domestic 30 urban rail transit lines in 10 cities reached 813.7 kilometers. Shanghai is one of the longest operating mileage, reached 235 kilometers.

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China’s industrial growth rate of recovery

National Statistics Bureau data released recently showed that the added value of industrial enterprises in May increased 8.9% than the same period last year, total retail sales of social consumer goods is 1002.8 billion yuan, increasing 15.2% compared to that of the same period last year. Experts believe that the industrial growth verify the improvement signs of […]

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China Commerce Ministry start to purchase and deposit the domestic freezed pork to avoid the price of live pigs fall down excessively

China Commerce Department reported ,China start the purchase and deposition of frozen pork to avoid a sharp decline in price,stabilize pig production,protect the interests of farmers, and promote stability of live pigs and pork market.

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Survey shows that 60% China residents think housing prices is high

People’s Bank of China announced 2009 cities and towns depositors survey of the second quarter, showed that consumer consuming-willingness decline and willingness of  savings and investment enhance. Survey showed that 47% of urban residents select “save more”, this proportion increased by 9.5% than the previous quarter, rose to a record high; only 15.1% of urban residents choose […]

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China will appear the new energy automotive industry giant

With the Chinese government called for realizing 500,000 of the new energy vehicle production capacity in 3 years, new energy sources car, especially the industrialization of electric vehicles is speeding. At the same time, the strategic alliances are to established between different groups. It is expected in 2012, China will emerge new energy vehicles giants.

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30 real estate prices lead to rise in Beijing

According to media reports, more than 30 real estate projects price are increasing in Beijing in May,the the current increasing trend is in expansion. However, a number of specialists said, at present, significant increases in the property market do not have the foundation. the blind housing price rise should be alert.

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