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China’s gold production exceeded 400 tons in 2012 and broke new history record

China’s gold output reached 403.05 tons in 2012, increase 42.090 tons than last year, an increase of 11.66%, break a new history record and ranked first in the world for six consecutive years. Gold production in the top ten provinces are below: Shandong, Henan, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu Province, Fujian Province, Hunan Province, Shaanxi […]

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74 cities’ air is polluted during the Spring festival and PM2.5 exceed standard of 4.7 times

The relative principal of China environmental protection department said on Feb. 17th, during the Chinese spring festival, the exceeding standard rating for PM2.5 of 74 cities is 42.7% in average, the biggest daily value is 426 microgram/cubic meter, and the biggest exceeding standard times are 4.7. China science collage research group considered that, the human […]

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Automaker recalled 600 thousand cars in total in the last two months of 2012

China state council issued <defective car products recalling management rules> officially On Oct.30th, 2012, the fine at most 30 thousand RMB before may rise to 100 million level, during the two months, the automakers recalled 600 thousand cars in total. On the event of Japanese Toyota “recalling” in 2010, Japanese Toyota recalled 1700 thousand cars […]

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