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42.7 percent of Chinese enterprises may laid off

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 42.7 percent of Chinese enterprises may laid off

Two domestic consulting company make an survey on China’s enterprises, 42.7 percent of surveyed companies said that they may possible reduce costs through job cuts to cope with the severe economic situation.
“First Financial Daily” reported,Beijing Taihe consultancy firm and the US Towers Perrin Advisory China branch announced the report”global economic crisis impact on  Human Resource Management of Chinese enterprises” that 42.7 percent of surveyed companies indicated that they may reduce the staff, with an average reduction level was 12.5%.
The survey carried out on November 10 to November 21,2008, involving a total of 356 Chinese enterprises all over the country.
The senior partner of Taihe consultants , Jizheng said that enterprises are most likely to reduce staff in ordinary operating staff and ordinary professional staff, general management staff.
It is very difficult for Chinese people to find a job in recent year,if you often go to the Human market,you can find a large amount of people who have no a job,such as students,peasants,workers,even special skilled people…, you are difficult to find a job if you are over 30 years old,35 years old is a boundary which the ordinary people have no ability to pass through.Few corporations will recruit the man who are over 35 years old.It sounds very terrible,isn’t it?But that is the reality that most of people must accept in China.the situation is more bad for woman. most of woman who are beyond 30 years old have to only take care of the baby at home and lost the opportunity to work.But in fact, they are very young and entirly have ability serve for the society,that is a pity. one side is unemployment, while employment tension on the other hand.we must make us stonger in 2008.  from


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