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74 cities’ air is polluted during the Spring festival and PM2.5 exceed standard of 4.7 times

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The relative principal of China environmental protection department said on Feb. 17th, during the Chinese spring festival, the exceeding standard rating for PM2.5 of 74 cities is 42.7% in average, the biggest daily value is 426 microgram/cubic meter, and the biggest exceeding standard times are 4.7.

China science collage research group considered that, the human pollution releasing of cars and coals is the main reason for causing the haze weather. For Beijing, motor vehicle is the big resource of city PM2.5, about one fourth. Secondly, it is the outer delivery of the burning coals, occupying one fifth individually. The oil gas volatilizing and local cook emission have the fast rising trend in recent years, and should be controlled in time, the industrial and floor dust should be improved in further.” Wang Yuesi said.

The environment pollution problems come up frequently, that let the whole society feel the importance of enhancing the environment protection in the direct and deep way, and Chinese government has started to pay attention to the problems brought by the environment pollution. According to < “ twelve five” saving environment protection industry development plan>, till 2015, the total value of out-put for Chinese saving environment protection industry will reach 4.5thousand billion yuan, the increased value occupies about 25% of national production total value, the environment protection service industry out-put value exceeds 500 billion yuan, and the future environment protection industry will enter the gold development period. But the present measures are still not enough evidently, the illness brought by these will cause the medical cost and social paradox rising fast, and the environment protection index must become the assessment fixed target for the local government.

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