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About exchange rate of china YUAN, Geithner IS ERROR

Posted on Sep-19-2010· by

Many many days in this year, there are many many conflict in USA and CHINA. USA sell weapon to TAIWAN, USA intervene the internal affairs of CHINA:Tibet, USA tell all neighbor of CHINA: CHINAS is threatening them, USA is telling the world: CHINA are manipulate the exchange rate….

ok. I had to say I am tired to heared these words again, TAIWAN and Tibet is the internal affairs of CHINA, why USA sell weapon to them or support their leader to against CHINA? Politician are good at control the words and try to control the truth, but the truth will aways the truth, This crisis is created by USA, not CHINA, naive CHINESE are try their best to help USA to avoid drop into the black hole, although CHINESE people can not buy a house because they have no money, but CHINA always give money to USA house company although these HUGE real estate company will removed by the stock martket in USA, CHINAS buy a huge bond in USA MARKET to support the USA economy, if no these rare money, USA will lost the chance to go out the crisis, it will become more hard and USA had to published more and more huge money and the price of the world will rise up crazy and DOLLOI HAS TO FACE THE RISK. But what was USA Politician said? They told us: it is because CHINA HAD TO BUY BOND IN USA MARKET, BECAUSE CHINA HAVE NOT OTHER WAY. Really? Hmm, of cause china have many ways in  invest area, why we must buy USA ASSET and we had to accept a huge lost because an appreciation in The Exchange Rate and then CHINA be attacked as a evil country?

Actually, in last years, the exchange rate of china YUAN has rise up crazy, just take a look at this queto from google:


in last 5 years,GBP/CNY from 16.xx to 9.xx , are china really tried to manipulated the exchange rate of CHIAN YUAN to get the unfair profit? NO

Also this is EUR/CNY:

This ia USA/CNY

so CHINA CNY is still lost the exchange rate profit in the globe market, so how Geithner can attacked CHINA so easy and he said he will union other countries to force china give up “Manipulate the exchange rate”?

In recent week , JAPANManipulate the exchange rate , the exchange rate of JAPAN changed so quickly, why Geithner do not do anything to Punish or avoid it happen again? In 1997 crisis, all asia countries “Manipulate the exchange rate” , especially japan,but china said china will be a good boy and accept the lost of the exchange rate, the U.S. President praised the CHINA at this time, this is really money, why all usa Politician forgot it?

dose china really so evil? why china always be said so evil? why all china’s action was and must be eveil?

There are many Trade disputes in USA and CHina in this year, USA limited chinese goods export to USA market because protect USA comany, but, all of these order now is give india, MX and other countries, not USA FACTORY,. so this is a lie.The truth is China lost makert, it is not because protect USA factory. Many chinese are talked why USA lie? What are USA really want to do?

Why tell all countries china is evil? Why usa official ask chinese to attack Afghanistan, usa arm can not conquer Afghanistan, how can china do it? why tell china to war with a Neighbor?

More and more chinese people are re-think about the relation with USA, we liked USA and we are likeing usa people and we likeing USA Civilization, but now more and more chinese people found, USA ARE BECOME AN Empire. We need freedom, we do not need a empire.

If we say USA is today, so we must say CHINA is the tomorrow, and India, russian and other contries, China do not usa become a falied contry, because it is too big, this is very danger, but now chinese are guessing, USA ARE TRY TO FORCED CHINA BECOME A FAILED COUNTRY.

Usa official told us this year, “this is new USA times” , oh, yes, but we hope new USA times is not a war time, now usa arm around china , we do not now what are usa thinking and what will USA doing?

I hope to heared this is a Peaceful and Friendly times, do not let us become enemy, CHINA AND USA IS  TOO BIG . WE CAN NOT ACCECPT THE RISK OF THE Confrontation? USA were lost CHINA 60 years b4, now, it seems some greate usa official which hope a Immortal contribution are make usa losting CHINA again..

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