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BIG NEWS:China central bank cuts interest rates–1.08 percentage point!

Posted on Nov-26-2008· by

Just 2 hours agao,China central bank said from tomorrow,china central bank will cuts interest rates 1.08 percentage point!

The lending and deposit rates will cut 1.08 percentage point all,I think this is a big signal shown china will try his best to keep spur growth,In china there have a little voice about if we invest too money to keep and spur growth,maybe at the end chinese economy will become too hot.So China central bank shown their goal is more care of growth rate.

I think china will face a winter in last year,there have many people need a job,so goverment had to spur growth,but I think economy trend is always change,so we must remember keep another hand at the same time,now we just hidden this hand at the back,but if there really too hot,we must shown another hand to control “too hot”.

This news will make stock market of china rise up again,a advice about buy shares of china market again had been reported,so it is a short chance to get profit for china investor.And it is a chance to buy china bond too.


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  1. Tanu Says:

    I agree 100%. I have similar idea for sevarel years but never hold one stock for a few months. After reading your plan, in the past 2 days, I started to accumulate stocks, bought around 15 stocks, just bought another one today. Many of these stocks, I bought cheaper early this year, but I sold them for a small profit. Now I paid higher price and will keep them for long long time.Thanks for publishing your research and practice results. You gave me the confidence needed in this investing methodology.

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