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74 cities’ air is polluted during the Spring festival and PM2.5 exceed standard of 4.7 times

The relative principal of China environmental protection department said on Feb. 17th, during the Chinese spring festival, the exceeding standard rating for PM2.5 of 74 cities is 42.7% in average, the biggest daily value is 426 microgram/cubic meter, and the biggest exceeding standard times are 4.7. China science collage research group considered that, the human […]

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Automaker recalled 600 thousand cars in total in the last two months of 2012

China state council issued <defective car products recalling management rules> officially On Oct.30th, 2012, the fine at most 30 thousand RMB before may rise to 100 million level, during the two months, the automakers recalled 600 thousand cars in total. On the event of Japanese Toyota “recalling” in 2010, Japanese Toyota recalled 1700 thousand cars […]

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China groupon sites disappear quickly

Groupon is a good business model, and it do not need a high threshold for webmasters, in china, the price of many consumer goods is higher than the USA, we offten read news from the new paper that some guy export something to USA as $10,but sellling it on China more than $40, Groupon sites […]

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Chinese Facebook

The CEO of facebook come to china last month, I heard he visit baidu and other leaders of chinese internet, maybe he will found chinese is begin building their own facebook. We know facebook is open source and build on php which is easy to study and developement, so clone facebook model is populat in […]

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China Cotton prices have gone up affected textile and garment enterprises

Cotton prices have gone up too far off the mark, textile and garment enterprises suffered a lot of pressure. Overseas customers do not dare order, textile and garment enterprises do not dare take the order, too. The orders is less, some enterprises are in be very difficult business. Yarn prices have gone up by more […]

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Inner Mongolia’s outward transport volume of coal increase 80% in first 8 months

In first 8 months of this year, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region transported outward 29,450,000 tons of coals, increase of 13.16 million tons compared to the same period last year, increasing 80.8%. Inner Mongolia is China’s second largest coal-producing province, its coal production capacity only after Shanxi province. From January to August this year, Inner Mongolia […]

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Foreign investment purchase grain at high prices in China, domestic food processing industry facing difficulties

Large foreign capital poured into the food business of China, to snatch the market through price competition, not only made the survival of domestic grain enterprises facing difficulties, but food processing industry are also in difficulties, a number of private small and medium food enterprises less competitive and only face the closure or a merger. […]

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China’s per capita energy consumption is one-fifth of the United States

Since China reformed and opened up, China’s per capita energy consumption increasing gradually, but compared with Western developed countries, still less than their level. From 1978 to 2007, China’s per capita energy consumption rose from 0.5 tons of standard coal to 2 tons of standard coal. The construction energy consumption continued increased rapidly, in the rural […]

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SAIC Motor Corp plans to invest heavily to buy shares of General Motors

The insider said the Chinese SAIC Motor Corp planned schemed funding participation in General Motors Co in the New York Stock Exchange initial public offering, The two executives are discussing matters relating to investment shares. SAIC Group and General Motors have 13 years of cooperation. It is said that SAIC has been expressed will of […]

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Will China stop the export of rare earths?

These day, a share listed in SHANGHAI Index — 600111 rise up quickly, 1 week it’s price rise up from 20.00 YUAN to 27.00 YUAN.Some reporter said it is because seems china will stop the export of rare earths. OK, from my eyes, china will not stop the export of rare earths, it is ture […]

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