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South Korean imported China cabbage which sold out half an hour

Since October, as “national dish” of South Korea –  kimchi’s raw materials cabbage prices appeared in a surge situation and arise “kimchi crisis”. In Seoul, a price of cabbage is sold for 15,000 won in the supermarket. In order to stabilize vegetable prices, the Korean government emergency imports duty-free  Chinese cabbage emergency from China. The […]

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China has lifted ban which China suspended imports of Japan’s milk powder

China has canceled the ban of suspending imports of Japan’s milk powder and other related products. China contact of Japan’s major manufacturers of milk powder said they still waiting to the message of the headquarters and then decided when to resume imports. Chinese authorities issued a notice, the notice said China cancel the ban on […]

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China-Russia crude oil pipeline into operation this year transported 15 million tons of crude oil every year

China-Russia oil pipeline project will be officially put into operation, according to the two sides signed China-Russia oil pipeline agreement, in the next 20 years, the pipeline would transport 15 million tons of crude oil to China per year. China-Russia oil pipeline is the oil pipeline extension of East Siberia Pacific Ocean, starting in the […]

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China export: continued to decline

In the first half of this year, Chinese export is continued to decline, The amount of export of the first year is 521.53 billion U.S. dollars , which dropped 21.8% . This is the eighth months the amount of export keep decline. Because the demand is still decline, some chinese company begin sale their goods […]

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China determine the minimum price of wheat for 6 main wheat producing province

According to media reports, china will implement the minimum price of wheat to Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Henan and Hubei province this year, White Wheat is 0.87 yuan every half a kilogram, Red wheat, mixed wheat Jin 0.83 yuan every half a kilogram respectively, increasing 0.1 yuan or 0.11 RMB compared with that of last year. […]

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India say no to Chinese toys

India say no to Chinese toys Recently, the Indian government ordered a six-month lock-up order on Chinese-made toys. And India has embarked an anti-dumping investigation on 10 kinds of Chinese products. In fact, not only in India, the United States, Europe and other countries are taking such trade protection measures. as we all know, trade […]

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China will soon organize purchasing groups to Europe

China will soon organize purchasing groups to Europe Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that China will soon organize purchasing groups to Europe for the equipment, goods and technology.

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foreign trade volume fell significantly in December

According to the latest statistics, China’s total imports and exports is 183.33 billion dollars in December,  11.1 % decline;exports of 111.16 billion dollars , fell 2.8 %; imports of 72.18 billion U.S. dollars,  21.3 % decline. China’s total imports and exports maintain the steady growth of more than 15% for 10 months, the import and […]

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The sales decline,passenger flow reduction in Zhongguancun

Zhongguancun,located in Beijing,China has been a well-known nationwide electronic products distribution center. according to news reports,recently, Passenger traffic has reduced in Zhongguancun. The news said the Ding Hao Electronics City is a bit deserted in Zhongguancun. The reporter saw a shop owner was packing things up in a computer shop, The shop owner said he […]

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China will sell aircraft to USA

Big news,China will seel aircraft to USA,It means china not only ouptput socks to USA market,but also sell high-technology products like plane to USA market now.The most importand things it the aircraft –ARJ21 is developed independently by China! I think there have not many people know that more than 60% china’s gdp is support by […]

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