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China announced bond issuance program of fourth-quarter

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China announced National debt issuance program of the fourth quarter of 2010. Under the plan, China will issue a total of six fourth-quarter book-entry treasury bonds and a total of 10 discount book-entry interest-bearing debt. on October 22, October 29, November 26 and December 24 bidding four tender discount of 91 book-entry treasury bonds, on November 12th, bidding 182 days of bidding a discount bond, On December 10, bidding a tender discount bonds of 273 days.
Interest-bearing book-entry treasury bonds is specifically including a 1 year bond, a 3-year bonds, two 5-year bonds, two bonds of 7 years, two 10-year bonds, a 30 years and a 50-year Treasury bonds. 50-year long interest-bearing debt will be November 17 to tender.
In addition, China plans to issue 1 year and 3-year savings bonds in the fourth quarter.

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