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China should not say recovery so easy

Posted on Jul-05-2009· by

Last I found china official said china economy had “recovery” , I do not think it is a wisedom action.

Actually, chinese outport still reducing , we all know outport is very important for chinese industry , if outport and trade is still reducing, this kind of “recovery” is not a solid “recovery” , maybe somebody will say it is a “W” recovery , but it menas pain and waste for people and factories.

And, consume is not grow to so strong to digest so many capacity in these industry, if we can not change our model to increase consume , our economy is not real Independent economy and our it is hard to do a independent road on economy and finacial .

And more, we need more high-technology industry , need more high-technology worker and researcher, but now I heard many city said why not let university graduates become an nanny, not that is not real “recovery”. The real recovery must have a high employment rate, not GDP digital. We need these gtaduates get a job, and we need these graduates become hit-technology worker , not nanny, it is waste money and time of our country.

I read chinese paper ,  many repoter said people no money to buy a house, because they need work more than 25~ 35 years to pay the loan of house, and this house is just 100 square meters, so high a price cause people do not dare become a customer, they must save and save and save money to support a house.

Say “we are in crisis ” is not a bad thing, in china, so many people lost job, and old model — depend investe and outport to support economy increase is really a crisis, we need so many change in our economy, if we say we are safe , no people hope a change, it means stop and escape. Actually , we need CHANGE.


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