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China Stock Market Rise Up

Posted on Feb-25-2012· by

China Stock Market still rising up in last weeks, yesterday, the SHENZHEN Index higher than 10,000 point and the SHANGHAI Index higher than 2,400 point.

Chinese shares begin rise up from the new year,  because Shanghai Composite Index  had drop down a long time, and the CSRC are try to reform the current institution, they hoping the companies give more dividend to the investor, paper said the leader of the CSRC told big investor that they should focus the blue chips, not junk stocks, he hoping the long-term investor, this is a good news for the little investor.

China’s GDP has continue increse more than 30 years, but the stock market not give investor the corresponding revenue, some company do not give any dividend to the investor, so china investor can only earn profit from the price of the stock, this model is not fit for the “normal investor” — who have not so many time to focus the wave of the share price, China need a market which can give the normal investor a safe and lon-term revenue, it means the company should give more dividend to the investor. We expecting the reform.

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