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China’s central bank:we will maintaining growth

Posted on Nov-09-2008· by

Yesterday,governor of China’s central bank:Zhou Xiao Chuan said China will try our best to help stabilize the global finanical crisis by maintaining ourself growth of economy.

I agree Mr Zhou’s words,the first goal of china in global finanical crisis is not let china drop in financial crisis,china have 1/6 people of the world,and china have not enough money and technology for support a long time financial crisis,so the best way to defeat finanical crisis is not let China drop in finanical crisis.

Chinese government had said tomorrow’s first goal in economy area is maintaining growth,I think this is a hard task for chinese people.No any country can support long time growth of economy by maintaining a high house price,we only can support our long time economy growth by create value,by our heart and hand,and brain,not by the price of asssets,why global finanical crisis?Because people’s greed,because lost the power of control,because so high price of asset,because somebody spend money but not creat the same value.So chinese must study from the finanical crisis,change the way of economy growth.

Yesterday I read a funny news about how some bank face finanical crisis,Naked female staff calendars were sent to customers,is it helpful?I do not know. : – ))

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