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China’s futures market decline cotton rose 5.78%

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China domestic futures market declined generally on Sep 21th, but thriving cotton rose 5.78%.
The whole metals futures decreased down, Shanghai zinc increasing the largest recently fell 1.45% today. Shanghai gold has been high and volatile, extended losses in a decrease of 0.34%. Steel futures decrease heavily,  wire down 3.74%, steel down 1.62%.
In field of Energy, chemical industry, the Shanghai Fuel stronger in the morning, but fell slightly in the afternoon, down 0.05%. Maximum rose to 4397 RMB in early trading, close to 4,400 RMB integer mark. PVC declines even larger in early trading, but pick-up in afternoon trading, increasing 0.19%.
Agricultural products, cotton and soybean continued gains strong. The cotton rising up all the way in afternoon trading, refresh the record once again, the maximum rose to 21,725 RMB, rose 5.78% a day. soybean narrowed in the afternoon, up 0.93%.  About other varieties, only the palm oil was up 0.19%.
Soybeans, sugar and rice declined deeper.

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