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China’s futures market,somebody happy and somebody sad

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Yesterday evening, LME copper (three months) create the record of the year, closed at $4600 , the records in the history is $8940 in last June.  Today, ShangHai copper (3 months : 0911 ) open at 44600 YUAN  and closed at 44830 YUAN, the voloum is 833,398 . With the good data of economy published ,  there are still an atmosphere of optimism, but although the volume is keep in a high level, but   it seems there are somebody are selling , somebody get the profit from the current trend .

At the same time, Soybean future market got a cold, the Department of Agriculture in  U.S.  said soybean crop growing good, There are some report said some fund is still sale out their own Soybean future shares, In china , the first auction of soybean is failed, nobody hope buy soybean in current price , 0 voloum .

In China’s futures market somebody happy and somebody sad , but the current trend is decided by the amount of funding, not a strong basic economy, I think keep a mind of it is very important .

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