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China’s Top 500 Enterprises in 2008

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China\'s Top 500 Enterprises

The China Enterprise Confederation announced the 2008 Top 500 Chinese enterprises list on Saturday.
They report that the total revenue of the top 500 Chinese enterprises reached 2.99 trillion U.S. dollars,profits 188.4 billion U.S. dollars and assets 8.17 trillion U.S. dollars.
Analysts said the growing profits indicated that Chinese enterprises had become more competitive.
The private enterprises accounted for about a fifth of the country’s top 500 enterprises,they have grasped more and more technology and management and grow stronger.
But another confederation deputy president Wang Jiming said Chinese companies still fell behind in many field,for example,innovation, investment in research and development, and the ability to operate internationally It would take a long time to catch up.


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