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Chinese Facebook

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The CEO of facebook come to china last month, I heard he visit baidu and other leaders of chinese internet, maybe he will found chinese is begin building their own facebook.

We know facebook is open source and build on php which is easy to study and developement, so clone facebook model is populat in china, actually in the current china have more and more sites which is study facebook, some of them pay money for people which referee users to their site, although 5 YUAN per user is not a big money, but if you promote 1000 users to their platform is means you can earn 5000 YUAN a month, this is still a big money for a lot of chinese webmasters.

Alghout some sites which can follow facebook and twitter in china like FANFOU had been closed by the government some years b4 just because they can not filter the bad information from their platform, but some huggest companies take the gun and begin drop huge money too, sina, sohu, qq, 163…, all of them has build their own twitter, there are huge users on these platform, just 6 months in last year, visit/keep time on these chinese twitter grows up crazing: from 1.5% to 10%,or let’s say from 7,600,000 hours per month to 77,000,000 hours per month. Old friendship sites lost 12% market.

Chinese people begin like this kind of “little service”, although there only can filled 140 words, but their opnion transfer quickly, more and more users thinks these little words is useful, and more and more people begin talking on these platform, opnion leader is careful by many many people, a young author just say his first “hi”, 50,000 people reply “hi, how are you?”, “I like you”, and so on. people find a new toy which maybe more interester then online game, Now some guys begin buy followers just like some usa guys buy followes on twitter or fans on facebook.

Some people said next google will born in china, I am not sure, I hope so, but I know now chinese company found “open” is a power too, why twitter/facebook increase so crazing? Because open, they offer their services via API, these api used by webmasters, online sellers, bloggers, becasue these huge traffic is so easy, china company had changed their old way, not only build a long wall around their sites/users, now many china sites offer API too, this month, a new game happened in sina, who use sina api to devolopment a popular extend, he will got 1,000,000 build the companies which owned by himself.

Many webmasters hope can become chinese facebook, many news and threads in forum are talking about facebook maybe forced face their first IPO, and maybe they will got $1,000,000,000, The game is just begining. China investor reported in china

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