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Chinese is confusing

Posted on Jan-08-2011· by

I read many many reportrecent months, I had to say, I am confusing.I heard the leader of General Motors said he can not understand what chinese doing, the status in China is more and  more bad. I can understand this leader of GM, but what china doing is like usa did & doing now: ask companies offer pension for workers, ask companies offer Health Insurance for their workers…, ask companies allow workers build labor union in companies, also in many many years, foreign companies just pay tax a little, foreign companies did not pay many kinds of tax,  but at the same time Chinese companies had to pay fully tax, and chinese compines tax rate it much higher than foreign compaines…Now 70% profit of the car market in China is taken by foreign compaines, and in crisis these huge and rapid growth profit help GM pass the crisis, we can not understand why the leader of General Motors criticize China so easy? Actually many many things foreign company can do, but Chinese people can not do at the same time, for example, if chinese hope build a forum in china, some rules said webmasters must save 1,000,000 YUAN in a company…, this is heaven for these foreign compines.

I always heard some usa economist & official say Chinese is “Mercantilism” in global, but Chinese is confusing, does GM did is Mercantilism? Also when 13 works suicide in 12 months, China government, all china media, chinese people attention to this company, but although APPLE and Jobs know it but they do nothing, is this Mercantilism? When the government of Guangdong Sheng hope protect the rights of workers, china official hope add a rule into the law: keep 1/3 manager come from workers, nearly all of these foreign compaines say “NO”, this rule reduced from the talking law, is this “Global Mercantilism”?Chinese is confusing, why these guys always say china is not a democracy, but when china hope do something improve democracy, these guys stop talking about democracy and talking the profit?

For example, many reports said china car market become the hugest market, 23,500,000 cars will be selled per year in china, so why GM not just moving their factory to the center of the china so the can reduce the cost of human? as we all know Usa workers earn $46000 per year, but in these the center of china, workers earn $2180 per year, and there are high speed road & railway, enough land and power, water, the huge number of people, and all of these cost is more cheap, why GM just do a little things to move their factory to here? And there are many china car compines existed here many many years, so skilled worker and accessories companies is not a problem too. What Gm said is just told the world and the government of usa, china is more and more bad, my god, I heard somebody told me, if you give him so much, but he always say you are evil so easy, that means you give he too more and too easy…

Also, chinese is confusing at many many problems, for example when some guys talking about “Environmental Protection”, they always Chinese broken the meet and protocol, but they will never talking about for Environmental Protection, many chinese companies complaing the government limited the power offer in per day, so they only can work 5 hours a day. What USA /EU did? just Accused & Accused china again and again, but do nothing in their country.Chinese is confusing..

o.k, another things,rare earths, right, chinese will reduce the produce of rare earths, for “Environmental Protection” and other things, but USA & AU and other countries have huge rare earths resource, why not just product rate earths in their own countries? Japen buy china resource but just filled these resouece in the sea and saved it, also usa have law which limited compaines development these resource because “National strategy”, why USA say will prosecution china in wto?Chinese is confusing…

I have no time now, but I had to say, some big man/big woman in usa & japen said why china need aircraft carrier? why china need new weapons? It is very strange,New Zealand have aircraft carrier, also in history, china did not invasion any countries, it is JAPAN killed many many chinese people, also it is usa soldiers around the world now, also usa they disallow said main land of china attack another province of china:taiwan, but usa selled and selling attack weapons to taiwan:missile, if so why china can not sale missile to other countries like iran and North Korea? Although usa are talking chinese breaking the Peace, but why usa official always ask china to invade Afghanistan? Why  the leader of usa army said they can let china go back to 1900s, If usa hope invade korea, another fincial crisis will happen, we all drop down the black hole, you just do it, why attack china? why making a movie and titled it kill chinese?  Chinese is confusing…



if you believe somthing, always say yes, not say yes and no at same time, that will confusing everything

I had to say, all of these things is confusing chinese, china is a boy just 14 years old, but soon or later, china will become a 34 years old people, what you did will teach chinese doing and what will happened in the future. If you believe something, do it, not say it.


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