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Chinese is not evil

Posted on Jul-27-2010· by

In recent days, I read many post which reported some politician and some businessman said some cuss words about China.
At beginning I did not think about is serious, until I heard Ken Lieberthal begin criticize Chinese people, I think this is danger begin.
B4 any my words I had say in China, the most of people hope a democracy and rich United State, So please do not think I am try to criticize USA people.
Mr Ken Lieberthal visit china and said China think China equal footing with USA, and when he open the TV, he found China still play the movie about the war with the JP.I had to say I am disappointed for his words. Actually, in China,the most of people know USA is the number 1 in this world and no any Chinese people hope a failed USA, because that is very danger,but if he hope chinese people do not lover their motherland and think Chinese young man do not pride with their country and cultural tradition,that is impossible, what Chinese young man did is just like what USA young man did, we are the same.And in China the most of chinese people heard Hollywood are shoot a film which full of “KILL CHINESE”, but no any chinese people or chinese official told USA they are wrong and stop play this film…
Of cause I think I can understand Clinton try to let neighboring countries worry about China and many politician said they against the “Monroe Doctrine” in Asia, but Mr Ken Lieberthal is expert who really understand China,not like some official which like say “I understand China more”, He write a book “Governing China: From Revolution Through Reform, second revised edition” at 2004,he is a really expert.
But I found he are criticizeing Chinese people, I can not understand why.
I think in the current,although the war has pasted 65 years, but the movie “Pacific War” are still popular in USA,and actually in China there are not a “big” film which are related with the Pacific War,Chinese people like peace,in the current all the wars which in confusing the global world is not related with China.I had to say I think what he want to say is “Yellow Peril”, Oh, this is danger.
In the beginning 10 years of this century,the most of chinese factory are running for output cheap products for usa people, and when chinese get revenue, although chinese people can not buy a house for themself, but china are still borrowing huge money to Fannie Mae, and investing the usa bond market,so usa people can get huge cheap money from poor chinese people,and In financial crisis, China follow usa magic wand spent huge money to help the global economy recover from the crisis.I can not understand why now Hollywood begin told usa people “KILL CHINESE” and why Mr Ken Lieberthal think chinese people are wrong.
I can not understand why.
I read many many history book, I know china is the number 1 too in a long time,also I know UK is the number 1 for a long time,of cause I understand when you are number 1, you hope you are number 1 forever,but the best way to keep the number 1 is not create enemy one by one.Actually,in 1980s, many many chinese think usa and china is good friend and hope china have the same life model with usa,in 1990s, many young people found the really life is not so romantic,usa aircraft carrier is aim China in China sea,but chinese people hope join the modern society,in 2000s China join all kinds of organization in the world,once they found it existed.I had to say China are trying his best to be a good boy in this world and following the rules which created by usa and other western countries,although we found USA always broken these rules which created by USA.
Chinese people like peace,Chinese is not evil,forever.if someone is really a responsibility expert for the future,please do not play this game so easy,if you always hope find a enemy,they would really be a enemy,if you hope they become a friend and think of cause friend is equal footing with each other,you will owned a really friend.China and USA is so big and so smart,we have not chance to avoid the crisis if we really begin fight with each other.Please respect chinese people,because they are not evil and will become powerful soon.


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