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dive over,dive over

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crisisToday it the weekend,although goverment had publish many policy to support the weak confidence of market,but stock in big CHINA area is still slide,lately we always hear many chinese people said 2000 lose,1900 lose,no we face 1800 losing,china mainland market is closed at 1839,the highest point is 1888.10,hongkong stock fall down 1100 potins,closed at 12618 point.Last weeks is heavy day,most of us will remember it.
Today MR Greenspan(Alan Greenspan) did not recognize his fault yet,he said he just have a little recognize error?All of us know there have not a market which can keep rise,road is always circuitous,MR Greenspan use all kinds of way to keep the bubble,and the bubble become bigger and bigger,at last it let everybody become MR GREED,it cause currency system breakdown.Look these face in financial crisis ,who cause it?


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  1. needgoogle.cn » 华尔街股灾,baidu股票大跌15% Says:

    […] 昨天美国市场继续此次金融危机以来的下跌,科技股大幅下降,其中baidu的股票一天大跌了15%,真是dive over,也就是跳水。当然baidu不是唯一的受害者,yahoo的股票跌的更惨,我前段时间说过yahoo的危机不是价格,是核心团队的崩溃,这个是最致命的,yahoo的业务最近爆出一些危机,但是我相信yahoo的服务仍然是最好的。相比之下,google现在如日中天,但是google的扩张引起了facebook的强烈警惕,比如Facebook对于google的新终端Android手机明显的排斥。其实也难怪,当年google宣布开始做google base的时候,ebay的股价当日就下跌了near 4%,虽然当时google base 看起来只是一个数据结构化的努力,但是紧接着google checkout等的推出,对于ebay目前裁员1000人的局面是由打击的,facebook对于google在sns方面的努力保持着高度的警惕与反感,除了对于好友export çš„Google Friend Connect封闭以外,甚至对于google的其他产品线也开始不予合作,这点上yahoo就很大方,yahoo address api可以很方便的导出自己的好友,但是这个结果当然在yahoo不能挑大梁的时候导致yahoo比较”软”,iPhone目前也是如日中天,眼见着就在手机行业排名第三乐,但是受到的抵制却很少,大家对于iPhone以及应用还是很欢迎的,但是国内在3g领域作了这么些年,td始终难以启动,应该说不仅仅是技术的问题了,市场机会瞬息万变,老是拖着,就怕…… […]

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    […] really chinese recipes from me, a really chinese chief.So maybe we can not change the moneybag in financial crisis,but we can make more happy for ourself and our […]

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