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In January 2016 to February, China government-owned corporation profit 222.61 billion yuan

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Today, Ministry of Finance data released, in January 2016 to February, the state-owned enterprises total revenue of 6.24155 trillion yuan, down 5.8%, Also at the same period, total profit is 222.61 billion yuan, down 14.2%. Total operating cost is 6.1209 trillion yuan, down 5.2%, including sales expenses, administrative expenses and financial expenses increased 5.5%, respectively, up 4.9% and down 1.7%.

The central enterprises(down 8.2%) seems better then local local state-owned enterprises(down 40.9%)

From the main industry profit situation. pharmaceuticals, machinery and other industries achieve greater profits, Sinopec start have profits and in the last year, from the same period it was loss. The bad news is Electronics, tobacco industry realized profits tumbled a lot. Oil, coal, steel and nonferrous metal industry still losses.

It seems this is not a good start in the new year, China must focus on how to put valuable funds into the the real economy, not play the game of asset bubbles, if all people have jobs, the price of asset will have a good performance, else if China just focus the asset bubbles, it will lost the most precious time to back on the right economic track, China need focus on the real economy, not focus the property inflation. focus on the Industrial upgrading, employment rate, regional economic cooperation…. and so on, we need create value, also we not taken real money from the people, that will not work, the real economy is people’s real consumption, or let’s say each minute of people’s life, in the one hand, most of people’s requirement is not achieved, at the other hand, we have so many excess capacity in many field, this is not good, and money is hold on little people’s hand, it is bad, we need money start to flow in real economy, not become died money that died in asset bubbles, we can see the result of focus on asset bubbles, that means subprime crisis and the world still not pass the crisis, focus on people’s real requirement, and try our best to met people’s requirement, we need our social get balance, we need let most of people have real money, we need people no worries and confidence of the consumer.

We, do not lost 2016 again.

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