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Potatoes have been travelled Cann’t the vegetable’s price rise up?

Posted on Sep-30-2010· by

Currently vegetables transport have some phenomena in China, vegetable prices rise crazily by the way of “rose 50% last mile,” traffic fines are eventually paid by consumers.
The potatoes in Beijing market is actually transported from the start of Inner Mongolia to Shandong, and then sent to Beijing, 800 km detour. As for who will pay the “travel” costs of the potato, you take a look at the price of potatoes, you will understand.
During vegetables transport has various of irregular phenomena at present, such as “Green Passage” ‘s effect; the different standards of overloading make the drivers confused. To analyse deeper, this certainly implied that the irrational distribution of vegetable production in China, agricultural products logistics planning not in place, including over-reliance on road transport of agricultural.
Vegetable prices fall and rise, eight cents RMB is seemingly not a big problem, but it is directly related to the daily lives of ordinary people. Large-scale land development bring about huge economic benefits, accordingly, the vegetable planting area reduced substantially. Traffic jam, and then such as labor shortages, the new generation of farmers do not want to grow vegetables, such as so many factors, Cann’t the vegetable’s price rise up?

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