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QE3, Smart Or Stupid? — Part 1

Posted on Aug-28-2012· by

I read news that said maybe a smart guy will tell us a new “rescue” plan — QE3. I just not sure, does QE1 works? Does QE2 works? Will QE3 works?

If no, why just shed money from a helicopter? Now we use so many huge machine to publish and shed so huge money, Dooooo~~~~~~~ooooes this worked? Does we need QE4, QE5, QE6, QE7….., QExx Or even QExxx?

I like the guys in the event “we are 99%”, After QE1 and QE2, the richer have more money, but the poor family become more poorer than QEx, When China execution the plan of invest x0,000,000,000,000, When I buy vegetables, I found a old woman use a trembling hands hold two ginger, go to the cashier and walk back to the cabinet discard the ginger — four times, it is because the price of ginger — rise up 7 times in a short time, 7 times of the before xx years!

Does QE1 and QE2 rescued the employment rate? No, I found in USA, in recent months, some American do projects for a foreigner just for $20, although he need use a full day to do it, in China, I found a lot machine working from morning to the middle night, but just a little worker.

In last years, these smart guy shed so many money in a long long time, why it caused the financial crisis? Why higher and higher unemployment rate but the manager get higher and higher salary? If money can solve all things, why not just save $1,000,000 to all citizen’s account? Of course economists and official will laugh so stupid though, even a boy will know it can not works, in last x,000 years, in China, out history told us, the price will rise up crazy! Publish the money can not works!! So QE3 means just fake money from poor family’s account and give it to richer family? If so can QE3 solved the employment rate? Mr Bernanke tested twice, actually more than twice, why waste money “test” again?

Only shed money from a helicopter can not solved the problem, you need do a lot of other things too, just like a smart guy was howling — “CHANGE”, that’s why I was supported that smart guy, but what changed? More and more war, more and more dead man, a long time higher unemployment rate, the “change” in finance area is supervised by the big player in finance area — FED, so what will be changed, FED caused problem, you hope FED supervise FED? The result is the manager in finance area have higher and higher salary, but the big problem is still here, maybe now it has become a huge problem.

Nothing is changed, smart guys give us so much promised, but nothing is realized.

I read Bible many many times, in the garden, the GOD and the snake is smart, the snake teach man and woman — so they become smart too, why GOD punish smart snake? Because the smart of the snake is — EVIL.

In China, x,000 years before, another sages name “lao zi” written a book, he said — abandon smart of a few guys, focus on the requirement of the most of the peoples.


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