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The top 5 financial site in China on 2011

I got the list of the top 10 financial site in China on 2011: 1: 2: 4: 5: it shows the best site have 54,174,000 unique view per month, when was created, it is very simple, but becasue the site is soo~~~ooo little, in china, got many […]

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Waste money can not solved the problem

This week, Europe’s debt crisis broken the confidence of the market again. I.M.F. said Europe’s Debt Crisis could spread, and some guys are talking the crisis will becomde a long term crisis. In USA, the debt broken the allowed limit again…, you should heared Gross had sale out these debt many months b4… In China, […]

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Chinese Facebook

The CEO of facebook come to china last month, I heard he visit baidu and other leaders of chinese internet, maybe he will found chinese is begin building their own facebook. We know facebook is open source and build on php which is easy to study and developement, so clone facebook model is populat in […]

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Chinese shares drop down 5 percent today

Today, chinese SHANG HAI stock marker drop down 5 percent , in afternoon, there are even a 7% drop down happened. At the end , SHANG HAI Index closed at 3266  which eat the rise up in last week, this is the most drop down in last 8 months. Before today, a new share listed […]

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China’s futures market,somebody happy and somebody sad

Yesterday evening, LME copper (three months) create the record of the year, closed at $4600 , the records in the history is $8940 in last June.  Today, ShangHai copper (3 months : 0911 ) open at 44600 YUAN  and closed at 44830 YUAN, the voloum is 833,398 . With the good data of economy published […]

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China must guard against asset bubbles

Last CCTV reported,the price of an apartment in Bei Jing increased by 60% in few months, from 13500 YUAN /square meters to more than 20000 YUAN/square meters, it means 2950 U.S. dollars / square meters, or let’s say 275 U.S. dollars / square feet. In many better community area, it is normal for 30000 YUAN […]

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Perhaps China is lossing Australia, but Australia is also lossing of China

Some employees of Riotinto China recently  were accused of espionage and bribery in China have been detained staff survey, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said: the interests of the Chinese in Australia will face a crisis, and even other country’s economic interests  now also at the critical juncture. Many chinese these words is no help […]

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I am fear

I must recognition, I am FEAR. Why, I read paper today, the price of a house in suburbs rose up 100% in recent 6 moths !!  In many city the price of real estate rose up more than 30% in recent  3 months . I read a report wrote by Social Sciences OF China, in […]

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China didn’t manipulate exchange rate

A important economic official of USA said last week,  Obama think china is manipulating exchange rate.His words make many Chinese angry and unfair,as we all know,It seems China  never changed  exchange rate policy since 1997.when most of country in Asia depreciated currency in 1997,China stick to the high exchange rate level to maintain the Asian […]

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China begin 3G network construction

The biggest mobile company in china–china mobile company said them will invest 8.5 billion U.S. dollars to build their 3G network,this plan will build core network and more than 60,000 base stations in this year. At this moment,I notes that the manager of TD-SCDMA(china own intellectual property rights of this 3G network tech) feel very […]

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