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Waste money can not solved the problem

This week, Europe’s debt crisis broken the confidence of the market again. I.M.F. said Europe’s Debt Crisis could spread, and some guys are talking the crisis will becomde a long term crisis. In USA, the debt broken the allowed limit again…, you should heared Gross had sale out these debt many months b4… In China, […]

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Keynesian is dead?

Recent days,USA published a bad economy data report,then I heard many many economist told  told us on paper and report:economic stimulus faild, and them these economist told us Keynesian dead, from CHINA to USA, I heard some famous economist give us many suggest:let market do everything. Oh, my god, I am not economist,I am just […]

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China and USA leader talk how to tackle global financial crisis

Yesterday,President Hu Jing Tao call to President Bush,talk about how to tackle global financial crisis,they all have cognizeance of international cooperation is necessary. Lately,many papers said CHINA must buy more nation debt,CHINA must contribute his money to specical country.But,I had to say,CHINA have his trouble too.Close to 2008 3Q,The amount of foreign trade in CHINA […]

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