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The top 5 financial site in China on 2011

Posted on Feb-17-2012· by

I got the list of the top 10 financial site in China on 2011:

1: hexun.com

2: cnfol.com


4: stockstar.com

5: cngold.org

it shows the best site hexun.com have 54,174,000 unique view per month, when hexun.com was created, it is very simple, but becasue the site is soo~~~ooo little, in china, hexun.com got many users, some years before, hexun allow users publish blog on their platform, this smart choose improved a hugh traffic, but I think hexun still need something to be improved —  too little data, there are many articles, but there are not enough data, as a stock information site, no enough data will caused many old bird had to view other sites to find some profession data, in current china stock market, users are focus on the index of the industries, and deeply/fully  stock analyze data, also the analyze report is not fully opened, just a little except is not enough, there still many things to work hard. 🙂

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