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Waste money can not solved the problem

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This week, Europe’s debt crisis broken the confidence of the market again. I.M.F. said Europe’s Debt Crisis could spread, and some guys are talking the crisis will becomde a long term crisis.

In USA, the debt broken the allowed limit again…, you should heared Gross had sale out these debt many months b4…

In China, an famouse economist said china has leave the crisis now, my god, I had to say, sorry, the crisis was far away with China, but now…

In this little city, I saw an new bridge will be broken and another bridge is designing at the same place, an new road front my house are be broken too because two subway will be build at the Population peak point, 10 new house(more than 25 layers at least for each house) are building in a little space, when I go to the book shop, I found a long road which is new be broken twice in one year and build again, every time the “brick” of the road is more beatufy, when I research the road, I found there are a little woker needed, a lot of machine work busy in this road, also when I research the house build process, I found they can build a whole layer in one day, also via machine, no many worker at all, we are really living in Capitalism…

I had reported many times I think the most thing in this crisis is Employment rate, not GDP, not CPI, we waste so huge money to damage something and build an new thing again, why? a reporte said they ask questions to about 2000 middle-little companies, 41% said they not get any loan from bank at all, but these middle-little hired more than 70% worker in China. I don’t care CPI, official told us the CPI is only 3%,4%,5%, but a famouse economy said now 1000 YUAN just equire 600 YUAN in 2006, this month, when I buy tea, I found the price do not increase, but a bag of tea can only filled into one jar, last month a bag of tea can filled 1 and 1/3 jar…

I can not understand, everything is increase in price, every body are talking loss money, why? we have money, we waste money, we will lack of money.

When Mr gordon brown use huge money stimulate the economy, I said that is overcompensation, today I had to said China is overcompensation too, but at least overcompensation can treat the wound…

When Soviet Union broken, the only super country can bring peace to our planet, but the result is USA are fighting in 3 war and now they pull Europe into the sae of war too. War can not solved the problem of economy crisis, there are just a little people earn from the war but people’s money and life are burning.More and more Europe company talking china are un-friendly for they, but 78% Europe companies earn huge profit from china,at the same time, these country have a lot of discriminatory policy for china investment …

QE1.0 failed, QE2.0 failing, so we just continue QE3.0, 4.0….? What caused egypt crisis? Only the justice? The price of the food increase crazy, this is can not accepted! These money do not used solved the problem of Employment Rate, a little of people get money from the crisis and QEX.0, money loss from the common people to a little people, this is can not be accepted! They are runing on a burning road, why leaders waste our money but not any one give people a report about the result of per cent?

Sir, Could you please give us a report about the result of QEx.0 in our plaent and could you please tell me how much cent used on me and my family? Thank you Sir.

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